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When Facing Traffic Violations, Call An Experienced Lawyer

There are important benefits when hiring a qualified attorney, instead of representing yourself, if you face any traffic‑related offense in Alexander and Iredell counties: One of them is that you may increase your chances of being found not guilty. Whatever costs you think you might be saving by representing yourself, if you are convicted, there are other consequences such as a significantly more expensive insurance premium.

When you work with the lawyers at Harbinson & Brzykcy, Attorneys at Law, if your appearance in court is not required, they will appear on your behalf to prevent any disruptions in your workday and the potential loss of income.

Although it is always best to achieve exoneration from any traffic charge, sometimes the chances of that outcome might be slim. Under such circumstances, we will work with you and suggest a plea deal with either the prosecutor or judge.

No matter the course of action, our goal is to work toward an expeditious resolution that allows you to resume your normal daily activities as quickly as possible. We strive to do all of this with the absolute minimum financial expense (court costs, fines and our fees).

As we take your legal matter, some factors will determine our ability to get charges dismissed, for instance: your driving history, the severity of the charges, any injuries or property damage stemming from the alleged infraction, and your interaction with the law enforcement officer who cited you.

Your Insurance Premium Is Also Affected After A Traffic Offense

To help provide you with a more specific overview of the extent that traffic tickets can have on your insurance premium, we have added a list of all of the moving violations that will result in points on your license in the event of a conviction.

  • Driving while impaired (12)
  • Passing a stopped school bus (5)
  • Aggressive driving (5)
  • Hit-and-run with property damage (4)
  • Careless and reckless driving (4)
  • Following too closely (4)
  • Illegal passing (4)
  • Stop sign violation (3)
  • Stoplight violation (3)
  • Speeding faster than 55 mph (3)
  • School zone violation (3)
  • Failure to yield right of way (3)
  • No operator’s license (3)
  • No liability insurance (3)

There are some traffic‑related charges more serious or fraught with more dire consequences than driving while intoxicated, such as DWI arrests. Whichever is your case, call to learn about potential solutions we can develop for you. Remember, you may lose more without experienced and honest legal representation.

How A Skillful Lawyer Can Help You In Your Case

In most cases where the evidence against you is overwhelming, the lawyers at Harbinson & Brzykcy, Attorneys at Law, will work with the assistant district attorney to lessen your charges. This might decrease any points against your driver’s license, and the cost of your insurance policy will not be affected.

North Carolina also has “prayer for judgment continued” (PJC) for motorists with clean driving records. Appealing for a PJC is another option at our disposal, and you may be eligible if no one in your household has received a PJC in the last three years.

Call Now To Obtain Early Legal Advice

Just as with any misdemeanor or felony charges, contact our office without delay if you are cited for a traffic‑related offense. The more time we have to build your defense and collect evidence to support your innocence, the greater opportunities we have to make your case. Call 828-600-7462 in Taylorsville or fill out our online form. Credit cards accepted.

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